About Us

THE LONG ISLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (LICM) consists of internationally trained faculty members who have obtained their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from world-renowned institutions. LICM has become one of the most professionally developed performing music schools on Long Island.

With our small but distinguished student body and intimate class size, LICM greatly enhances each student’s individual creativity. We guide and instruct students on a personal level so that they can reach their highest potential. Each year, we select several outstanding students to participate in prestigious music festivals, where the most talented young musicians from around the world perform and compete. In addition, we are in the process of organizing various international music competitions designed to offer our students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and compete at the highest level.

LICM’s ultimate responsibility and goal is to foster the finest young professionals who will be recognized wherever they perform as musicians.

Mission Statement
The Long Island Conservatory of Music creates a music-based-program of education and performance that will empower our community of learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Every student will be motivated and challenged to take part, learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social, and vocational goals. Graduates will be instilled with the necessary integrity, knowledge and intellectual maturity to become leaders. LICM will provide a unique educational focus by emphasizing performance related skills, allowing our students to participate in the community arena at an earlier time, while not sacrificing knowledge. We are dedicated to developing the individual.

President & Founder

Minsum Kim

About the President

Long Island School of Music and Arts (LISMA) was first established in March of 1992 with only eight classrooms in the 3,000 sq. ft building, located on 182 Hillside Ave. Williston Park, Long Island, New York. The school’s constant effort to achieve a higher level of music education lead to an expanding number of students and activities, and LISMA decided to move to the current location of 12,000 sq. ft. on 1125 Willis Ave in Albertson, New York, and changed its name to Long Island Conservatory of Music (LICM). In 2005,
LICM expanded once again adding an additional 3,500 feet, encompassing a 150-seat concert facility;
Albert Hall, a library, additional practice rooms, and a lunch area.

Since its foundation in 1992, LICM continues to grow into one of the leading institutions of music in the New York Metropolitan area, and one of the most established and successful music schools in Nassau County. Its faculty members are outstanding musicians who have obtained their Master and Doctoral degrees from prominent institutions such as The Juilliard School, Yale University, New England Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College, Moscow Conservatory and St. Petersburg Conservatory.

Students who have studied at the school have gone on to pursue their music education at renowned institutions in the area such as The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College, and have participated in competitions such as Young Artist Music Competition, LI International Violin Competition, NJ Symphony Competition, Diploma of Sarasate International Violin Competition, Pamplona, Spain; Shostakovich Violin Competition, Shanghai, China, and the YWCA Competition.

LICM’s mission is to prepare performers for the future. The faculty consists of internationally trained performers, composers, scholars and educators, who not only take pride in providing the best instruction available, but also strive to tailor a program which is the most suitable for each individual student.

LICM’s small class sizes provide a high level of attention provided to each individual student.
This environment not only helps to nurture creativity but also helps to mentally support each young musician on all levels.

LICM provides a variety of opportunities to its students to perform off campus since it is through these actual experiences that students achieve the skills necessary for their career. LICM presents regular concerts at Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Grand Hall, Russia; Opera House, St. Petersburg, Russia; Maguire Hall, Old Westbury Garden, The Museum of Modern Art, Eisenhower Park, Steinway Hall and also local nursing homes and libraries in the area. These concerts consequently help enrich the cultural community in Nassau County and neighboring areas.

Since 2004, LICM has sponsored an International Music Competition, providing students with the opportunity to meet musicians from all over the world. It is a time where young musicians can communicate their musical ideas and stimulate each other thus enhancing their creativity. The winners of the competition are presented annually at The Theodore Roosevelt Executive Building in Mineola.

The conservatory’s music education has always been backed up by a number of significant events that took place outside the classroom. The first LISMA Summer Music Camp was held in Moscow, Gynesins in 1994. The program consisted of lesson and practice time, as well as offering the participants the opportunity to observe the Tchaikovsky Competition held at the Moscow State Conservatory.
The competition afforded students with an unforgettable chance to see musicians, of the highest level, and from all over the world, perform.

The second camp took place at Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary in 1995, the third at the Prague Czechoslovakia Conservatory in Prague in 1996, the fourth at Gubblo Music Festival in Italy in 1997, and the fifth in Beijing, China in 1998.

LICM has also organized The New York Youth Concert, annuallyfor its students,and has also arranged an annual student concert with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra in 2006 and 2008. This series has helped establish the students’ confidence in their performance skills as well as has helped enhance their understanding of music. Performances have been held at Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall and at the C.W. Post Concert Hall.

The Long Island Conservatory of Music creates a music-based program of education and performance that motivates and empowers students in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Every student will be challenged to take part, learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social, and vocational goals.

Its graduates will be instilled with the integrity, knowledge and intellectual maturity to become leaders.
LICM provides a unique educational focus that emphasizes performance skills, enabling our students to participate in the community arena as mature citizens. LICM is dedicated to the individual.